Paint the screen by blasting color balls



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In these days that we only see and play high detailed and carefully designed games, you need some funny and simple stuff. Yes one of those games that you get used to them in a pair seconds but you get addicted.

That is what happens when you first play Mono, a game where your only goal is to blast color balls that will explode and paint your desktop. By this way you will have a colorful background.

You can choose the game mode, well, ok you can choose the background color, because the game mode is the same, blast everything and get the most colorful sensation you have ever get. Finally, if you add it an addictive music, you get great game that will get you fixed to the computer.

Fast paced, power-up enhanced shoot-em-up action. We love it and I am sure you will love it too, do not hesitate download Mono for free and enjoy it.
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